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Convent Coach Makes History in Blood Donations

Glynn Jermyn is the first woman in Zimbabwe to attain 200 blood donations and is currently on 248. Here is her story:

My name is Glynn Jermyn, I was born in Gweru in 1948 and I have been in Zimbabwe all my life since birth. What motivated me to become a blood donor was the inspiration I got from my sister who was already a committed regular donor. She would tell me of the good feeling she felt especially after donating blood, knowing that her blood was definitely going to save the life of someone in desperate need of it. For me this was fascinating until one day I decided to accompany her to the blood bank and when I saw how simple the process was, I quickly joined in and gave my first donation. I became a blood donor in 1973 and I haven’t stopped since then. I have so far given 248 donations.

My experience as a blood door has been wonderful and memorable. I’ve enjoyed the warmth, comfort and professionalism of National Blood Services Zimbabwe (NBSZ) staff and above all I’ve enjoyed the exalted feeling that I have felt after every blood donation of knowing that a life is going to be saved by my selfless sacrifice.

Being a blood donor for such a long time hasn’t affected my life in any way. Contrary to myths and beliefs out there about blood donation that I have heard where some people claim that if you give blood your body won’t be able to replenish that blood, some claim your immune system will be weak and many other funny unfounded stories, I want to emphasise that nothing of that sort is true as I am a living testimony. Virtually nothing has changed in my life, I’m still healthy and functioning normally after almost 50 years living a lifestyle of giving blood. I work at Dominican Convent High School as a physical education teacher and coach. Donating blood has not even affected how I perform at work. In fact, it has seen become a motivator to many young girls who most of them have since joined me in this noble cause. While at home I am able to do all my household chores, I eat normally and sleep peacefully like a log.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank the government for the free blood initiative which has made blood accessible to all Public Health Institutions free of charge. This is a motivation to all of us as Zimbabweans as no life should be lost because of blood shortages. This is now a challenge to us all, let’s support the blood donation programme, it is ours to succeed.

I particularly want to encourage women and young girls to actively take up blood donation because about 50% of the blood in the blood bank goes to maternal health related cases. Let’s donate blood as much as we consume it. I hope my experience and testimony is reason enough to motivate someone out there. Give blood because it really saves lives.

Courtesy of the National Blood Service Zimbabwe 2018 Annual Report


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