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“I mainly like art because it's a way of visually showing an idea. Be it from my imagination or even how I interpret real life objects, it's an interesting process to see an idea be translated onto paper. A bonus is seeing how people interact with my work: praise it, criticize it, etc. Plus, I also get inspired to make my own ideas into reality when I watch and interact with media such as anime, like My Hero Academia or Hunter X Hunter.

Furthermore, the process of making it is very enjoyable. If you interact with artwork without knowing how it's made it can seem like a miraculous and sudden process. But once you start making it you realise that there is a bunch of problem solving in it: how do I fix this mistake, what value should I paint that, is this even a good subject to draw, etc. And at the end of all of it is a tangible result. 

Art is very much a skill too. So knowing that this skill is teaching me other skills like problem solving or even patience is worth every failure and amount of frustration. And one day I will hopefully be able to incorporate art into other things I am passionate about or find interesting, and maybe even make a career out of it.”

-Kiara Form 2

Our Mission

The Dominican Convent, following a tradition that dates back to St Dominic, who desired the salvation of all people, is committed to the education and development of the whole person, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, morally and socially.

Our Vision

To be the leading multi-cultural Catholic Girls’ school in the region that offers a sound holistic education and a first-rate operational climate for pupils, staff and parents in an environmentally friendly atmosphere.